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■ Get Healthy Body Without Exercise  ■ 2014/09/26

李真儀/公務員 教師


Get Healthy Body Without Exercise

This is not the first time that I tried to do the stone spa, but I must say that I fell in love with 『Aeterna Stone Spa』at the first time! My work got lot of pressure, and I felt tired after work. It is really hard for me to work out after work. But if I do not exercise ,I got tired easily when I am working. I also have problem that my hands and feet are cold especially winter time. However, everything changed after I came to 『Aeterna Stone Spa』for two times. First is that I sweat a lot and cured my problem! It was amazing!! Because I have tried to use medical lotions to care my pimples, it nevers work out. Second, my “cool” body turned warm! And I felt extremely relax after I did stone spa! Just give it a try!

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